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Sq Plus

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SqPlus compiles and runs on Win32, Linux, Mac OS-X, Sony PSP; should work with any modern C++ compiler. Unicode is supported. Can be downloaded, compiled and run in under 5 minutes (.zip includes all necessary files (build files for *nix and...

Source code (snapshot):

"SqPlus FAQ":


See sqplus/changes.txt for lots more changes and the history of sqplus


What do I need to bind a class?
Minimal examples, including remote debugger setup
"Namespace examples":
"Constant and class instance examples":
Passing class instances as UserPointers
Registering pre-allocated class functions and member variables
A more complex instance example, including instance assignment
Using multiple VMs for script isolation
See testSqPlus2unit/ for more example usage



There is an experimental version of SqPlus available at that implements Squirrel virtual machines as proper objects. If you want to have more than one VM running, you simply construct more than one VM object. This modification is currently experimental. Comments in the forum are appreciated.




Script binding before SqPlus:

After SqPlus:

Note the tripling of productivity and improved disposition.

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