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This page contains some random examples, wrappers; Cavite House and Lot If you coded something that could be useful, send it to me, I'll post it here.

Code Samples

ASCII mandelbrot

translation of a very cryptic mandlebrot implementation(is 4 lines).

Functional style factorial

Calculates the factorial without using loops.

C/C++ binding


The package of Squirrel's ADDitions contains an advanced, template-based binding utility and a lot of useful classes.


Is a simple application that wraps a very small portion of Direct3D. Is a good example of how to wrap C++ objects to squirrel (works with squirrel 2.x).

The Squirrelator (squirrel 1.x, obsolete)

is a very simple template, to give an idea of how a C++ wrapper could be written.The zip file contains a Visual C++ 7.1 project.

Syntax highlighting

Ultraedit syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting for the editor Ultredit32 (by Rick)

Colorer syntax highlighting

Highlighting file for Colorer (by sarge & aradesign)


Highlight is a universal sourcecode converter for Linux and Windows, which transforms code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX or TeX - files with syntax highlighting(supports Squirrel since version 2.0-10 ).

gedit syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting for gedit/gtksourceview. (by Mokkan)

TextMate Bundle

Syntax highlighting and snippets. (by Rob)

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