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Squirrel with JIT compiling. running speed is about 3.5 times from normal.

Original Squirrel JIT had been written by Matsumoto.

Based on squirrel-2.1.2, building for gcc4.2 or gcc4.3 .

Modified by KATO Kanryu( 2008-12-19

Based on squirrel_2.2.2_stable, building for msvc8.1 .

Now developping at the forum of Squirrel.

  • Developping Thread:


  • x86 only (maybe, not runninng on x64)
  • msvc only (there is difference of 'thiscall' Calling convention between gcc and msvc)

Run tests

  • to run jittest/checkjit


  • support for both gcc and msvc (need to call C++ functions with push/pop operands)
  • test scripts.
  • clean up logging(for JIT compiling)
  • tailcall support


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