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What breed of squirrel is this talking about?

Why Squirrel was created in the first place?

I was working on a game using Lua as scripting language; while I'm in love with Lua's design I was having problems with the garbage collector. Initially I tried to convert the Lua from garbage collected to reference counted, and then I decided to create a brand new language designed around my needs and vision of scripting. Later on, a colleague of mine suggested me to distribute it as open source.

This is an old post I wrote in the LUA mailing list

How stable is Squirrel? Is it suitable for commercial products?

Squirrel is a young language (9 years old), however, it is now quite stable. I'm personally using Squirrel in my current project so if any bug comes out will be fixed immediately.

Is Squirrel free? Can I use it in a commercial product?

Yes. Squirrel is distributed under MIT license and is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial products.

Is Squirrel a Lua clone?

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No. Squirrel was completely written from scratch. Squirrel syntax and semantics are very different from Lua. Squirrel borrowed Lua's hash table code, but it has been heavily modified. However, I feel a bond to Lua; mainly because it has always been the main source of inspiration for Squirrel.

How can I help?

Currently the development of the language core is 'closed', meaning that only I can touch it (mainly because I do not have enough time to coordinate a team). However, I'm very open to suggestions and help on the design side.

There are also several things that could be done that are independent from the language core: libraries, wrappers, tutorials and especially documentation. English is not my mother tongue so I'm a slow and bad English writer.

Why Squirrel doesn't have a bunch of modules like Python or Ruby?

Because Squirrel is designed to be embedded in an application and not as general purpose language. In the future I'd love to create a more python style distribution called "Fat Squirrel", but I don't know if I will ever have time to do it.

Is Squirrel still evolving?


How do I report a bug?

Post a message in the bugs forum.

Is there a chat channel?

There is currently an unofficial IRC channel on freenode.net - #squirrel. Check the forums for more information.

Is Squirrel intended to be secure / suitable to run untrusted (mobile) code?

Yes and no. Squirrel's design allows you to easily create sandboxes, but the language main target is scripting video games mostly for PC and consoles; that means trusted scripts only.

The VM doesn't support interruption of malicious scripts ( e.g. while(1){} ) however would be very easy to customize it in that direction if needed.

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