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Automatic Redirect

A topic can be redirected to another topic. This is useful when a topic is renamed or otherwise moved somewhere else. Other topics (and other sites) that link to the (for example) renamed topic may still point to the old topic.

To indicate that a topic should be redirected somewhere else, include a WikiPageProperty called Redirect on the page whose visitors should be redirected somewhere else. The value of the property should indicate where to send visitors and can be either a URL or a topic name.

For example,

 Redirect: http://www.yahoo.com/

will send visitors to the front page of Yahoo.


 Redirect: SomeOtherTopic

will send visitors to SomeOtherTopic

When a user arrives at a redirecting topic, their browser will automatically be redirected to the new location.

Changing a Page With a Redirect

Since redirection is automatic and instantaneous, you might be wondering how one could ever edit a page with a redirect (e.g., perhaps because you typed in the wrong URL for the redirect ). There is one special way to get at a page which will avoid the immediate redirect; instead the redirect will be delayed for a little while (10-15 seconds) so that you have time to see what the page really looks like and Edit it if you need to. To access a page and delay the redirect, type the topic name directly into the TopicBar and hit enter.

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